Karel Appel

Karel Appel

Recently exhibited

Looking over the Mountain, 1975
Oil on canvas
127 x 127 cm
Signed and dated 1975

This work is registered in the Archive of the Karel Appel Foundation.

Galerie Nova Spectra, The Hague; Galleria San Carlo, Milan; Private collection, Europe

Artist description
'Colors emerge unconsciously from your personal life. Thatís human, I think. (Ö). I torture matter to extract expression from it. I fight with the paint. The paint responds to everything that you do to it. What Iíve just finished painting, I destroy and I begin all over again, and then look at the new space that Iíve conquered. During your fight with matter you grow, as it were, toward an image, which has to do with the sketches that you made or with the photographs that youíve seen. (Ö.) You paint until the canvas is filled with yourself, until you canít go any further.' Karel Appel

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