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Sam Francis

Sam Francis:

Sam Francis: the website of the Sam Francis estate

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Karel Appel

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Niki de Saint Phalle

Niki de Saint Phalle:the Niki Charitable Art Foundation

Niki de Saint Phalle: Tarot gardenofficial website

Niki de Saint Phalle: Queen Califia's Magical Circle Garden

Walasse Ting

Walasse Ting:丁雄泉 - Chinese version

Ayako Rokkaku

Ayako Rokkaku:

Ayako Rokkaku:

Kees van Bohemen

Kees van Bohemen:


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Sam Francis

Audio: Sam Francis, Violet, Yellow and White

Sam Francis and Walasse Ting about Andy Warhol

Sam Francis / Walasse Ting

talking about Andy Warhol

The painter, Sam Francis

Sam Francis, the painter

trailer of the film by Jeffrey Perkins

See Walasse Ting painting

Walasse Ting

painting in the studio of Sam Francis, Venice, CA

See Karel Appel painting

Karel Appel

the great Cobra painter in action, 1962

See Ayako Rokkaku painting

Ayako Rokkaku

painting in Amsterdam in the studio of Gallery Delaive, 2007

See Ayako Rokkaku painting

Ayako Rokkaku

painting at Geisai 10

KaiKai & KiKi animation

Takashi Murakami

KaiKai & Kiki Animation

Geisai museum

Geisai museum

Takashi Murakami - Ayako Rokkaku

Niki de Saint Phalle exhibition in the Tate

Niki de Saint Phalle

exhibition at the Tate, Liverpool

Performance by Yves Klein

Yves Klein

Anthropometries of the blue period, 1960

See Picasso painting

Pablo Picasso

Visit to Picasso

See Picasso painting

Kees van Dongen

opening of Kees van Dongen exhibition in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, 1967


The Albertina opens a large-scale exhibition of works by American artist Keith Haring

To mark would have been his 60th birthday, the Albertina is devoting a large-scale exhibition to the exceptional American artist Keith Haring (1958–1990) that includes around 100 works sourced internationally from numerous museums and private collections. The artist, who initially became known for his drawings of the crawling baby, the barking dog, and figures dancing and climbing over each other, numbers among the most celebrated artists of his time. Haring’s creative career, though short, took a truly meteoric course, and the exhibition Keith Haring . The Alphabet retraces his wholly unique artistic development and historical significance. Keith Haring conceived of his artistic practice as a political statement in the public realm that took aim at the establishment, the authoritarian enforcement of order, and state repression of citizens. He consistently emphasized the creative process and the aspect of performance as well as the

Nationalmuseum Sweden acquires photograph of Greta Garbo by Edward Steichen

Nationalmuseum has acquired a portrait of film legend Garbo, produced in 1928 by American photographer Edward Steichen. It was part of an entire series published in Vanity Fair. The portrait is an interesting example of contemporary avant-garde photography involving an extreme close-up. Graham Greene wrote with great admiration about Garbo in film reviews in the 1930s. Roland Barthes analysed her face in the essay “Le Visage de Garbo”, published in Mythologies (1957). David Bowie sang “I’m the twisted name on Garbo’s eyes” in Quicksand on the album Hunky Dory (1971). The myth of Garbo is far greater than the sum of Greta Gustafsson’s (1905-1990) life and roles. More

A giant bear of the late Pleistocene was found in Buenos Aires

It was discovered on the banks of the Salado River, northwest of the province of Buenos Aires, a paleontological site has revealed a lot of fossils in recent weeks. The skull and jaw of this giant bear were almost complete. The paleontologist of the Museo La Plata and CONICET Leopoldo Soibelzon, who presented the largest bear in record in 2011 and have now studied this new specimen, said to the CTYS-UNLaM Agency: "find a bear in any The place of the Pampean region is an extraordinary find. " "Finding a carnivore already is an extraordinary finding because they are always fewer in ecosystems," said Dr. Soibelzon. He added: "And within

French court throws out Facebook 'censorship' case

A French court on Thursday dismissed a case brought by a French teacher who wanted to sue the US social media giant over his claims that his page was censored when he posted a nude painting by Gustave Courbet. The Paris appeal court in December 2016 upheld a ruling that Facebook could be sued under French and not Californian law. The teacher, Frederic Durand, won in the Paris high court earlier after claiming that Facebook were wrong to suspend his account. But the latest ruling said material produced in the case "does not demonstrate with the necessary rigour that the deactivation... was due to the posting of the painting". The court "dismisses all of Frederic Durand's claims

Getty Research Institute Acquires LACE Archive

The Getty Research Institute has acquired the archive of Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), the longest running contemporary artists’ space in Los Angeles. The LACE Records, 1978 to today, covers the first four decades of exhibitions and programs at the institution; future records of the active contemporary art site will be added to the GRI’s collection. “We are particularly pleased to preserve and study an archive of this caliber from a landmark Los Angeles institution,” said Thomas W. Gaehtgens, director of the Getty Research Institute. “LACE has helped launch careers, supported a vibrant and ever-changing Los Angeles art scene, and pioneered a unique exhibition and performance program that while, artist-driven, supports community development and social causes. Their records connect to many of our holdings and will be invaluable to anyone studying American